Medical device

for measurement of Colonic Transit Time

Transi-Mark® is a safe and reliable medical device for measuring Colonic Transit Time for patients with chronic constipation or other digestive disorders. Each kit contains 6 capsules of 10 radiopaque markers needed to examine a patient.

Radiopaque markers

The examination consists in ingesting every day for 6 days, always at the same time, a capsule containing 10 radio-opaque markers (small cubes of 2.5 mm), and in carrying out on the seventh day a simple X-ray of the Abdomen Without Preparation. The x-ray should be done at the same time as taking the capsules.

Easily identifiable and quantifiable on the X-ray due to their cubic shape, the markers are made of medical grade silicone impregnated with barium sulphate with recognized opacifying properties.

These markers are contained in vegetable capsules made of hypromellose which disintegrate in the stomach.

They are to be taken orally and will not be digested or metabolized and will pass naturally in the stool.

Transi-Mark® Radiopaque Markers

Simplified measurement method Colonic Transit Time

The advantages of Transi-Mark®


Made in France and compliant with European medical device regulations, medical grade, biocompatible silicone markers will not be digested or metabolized and will pass naturally through the stool


Simplified and standardized method for measuring colonic transit time, the reliability of which has been recognized by numerous clinical studies


A capsule of 10 markers to be taken for 6 days at the same time with a single x-ray. Result from the seventh day!


The practitioner can rely on the total and segmental values of the colonic transit time to establish a precise diagnosis and guide the management of the patient.

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